Thursday, January 7, 2010

stars in our eyes

Possible chance of snow in Florida?? Even if it's sleet and the flakes will melt once it hits the ground, I am excited for the possibility of it!
The past few days have been so cold! I've been sleeping with socks, long pants and a hoodie. The last time I could remember wearing that much to sleep was probably when I first moved to America and I was 6 years old. This weather has been a love/hate relationship, I hate how it makes me want to sleep forever, but I love how Florida looks and feels with this kind of weather :)
What makes the nights even better?

Hot Soy Vanilla Latte, Cleaning out my closet & Lady Gaga's fame monster on repeat :)

Lately, I've been getting a great workout from biking at the gym & doing p90x at Justin's. I figured the key to a great workout and not feeling tired during a workout is MUSIC!! I think changing up your playlist is crucial, especially to whatever songs that you wouldn't mind hearing over and over.

I haven't added music that I've loved in a while. Not to mention an album that has kept my attention span and one that I actually listen to the whole song throughout the album, but Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster" is on repeat on my ipod. I don't know if I could go on my 30 minute bike rides/spin without it! For those looking for a great workout that isn't too strenuous but still works up a sweat, this is what I have been doing at the gym:

-1.5 mile run on track or more.
-30 minute bike ride:
1.) first four minutes just in normal position
2.) 6-10 minutes in #2 position which is basically pedaling and getting off your seat with ur hands on the bars.
3.) 6-10 minutes switching off in position #3 and #4 which is basically pedaling and holding the bars at the very end and bending down lower.

I like spin class, but sometimes the times at which they are at are not convenient for me or especially during this break, they've been cancelled. So, I made up my own workout while listening to music I get to pick :)

I also, learned today..YOGA Is definitely not my forte.

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Kristina said...

that's awesome uyen! i really want to get lady gaga's new cd too, but i'm waiting until i get a new ipod :) if you're ever working out at UCF gym call me!

p.s. i've heard from a lot of people that the yoga on p90x is CRUCIAL - a real workout. i love yoga for the meditation and relaxation benefits, so if you're interested in taking a class let me know.