Sunday, January 3, 2010

pastrami, cupcakes & coffee

Cheers to the new year! So far this break, I have accomplished plenty:

1. shopping & waste my days away at the mall
2. hanging out with all my old friends and new friends
3. sleeping past 12 pm
4. put all my new and old jackets to use
5. eating, wine, cafes..
6. magic game
7. Disney
8. fed swans
9. biking at the gym
10. lastly, catch up on all my bookmarked blogs that were neglected during the semester

..there's still a week left and I want to try and do as many things as possible this week and continue it during the spring semester as well.

Nothing starts the new year better than lunch with the girls and walking down Lake Eola & Thorton Park on a chilly day.
After going to Pom pom's which was ridiculously packed, we visited a few cafes and local spots, but ended back at our initial spot :)

Brings back memories of when preferred tea over espresso

Although, there were many choices, I decided on the sweetened blueberry tea

1 comment:

Aney, said...

haha, I think my boyfriend would love to hear that, but knowing him he'd probably say that he looks better -_-' haha I love your blog darling :)

I hope you enjoyed your winter break, and nothing is better than some good old gatherings with some girlies at a cafe - wish we had more cafes in toronto!