Tuesday, January 12, 2010

this weather

..just makes you just want to have a nice warm cup of latte with a little bit of latte art :)
(from Rockn Joes)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

stars in our eyes

Possible chance of snow in Florida?? Even if it's sleet and the flakes will melt once it hits the ground, I am excited for the possibility of it!
The past few days have been so cold! I've been sleeping with socks, long pants and a hoodie. The last time I could remember wearing that much to sleep was probably when I first moved to America and I was 6 years old. This weather has been a love/hate relationship, I hate how it makes me want to sleep forever, but I love how Florida looks and feels with this kind of weather :)
What makes the nights even better?

Hot Soy Vanilla Latte, Cleaning out my closet & Lady Gaga's fame monster on repeat :)

Lately, I've been getting a great workout from biking at the gym & doing p90x at Justin's. I figured the key to a great workout and not feeling tired during a workout is MUSIC!! I think changing up your playlist is crucial, especially to whatever songs that you wouldn't mind hearing over and over.

I haven't added music that I've loved in a while. Not to mention an album that has kept my attention span and one that I actually listen to the whole song throughout the album, but Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster" is on repeat on my ipod. I don't know if I could go on my 30 minute bike rides/spin without it! For those looking for a great workout that isn't too strenuous but still works up a sweat, this is what I have been doing at the gym:

-1.5 mile run on track or more.
-30 minute bike ride:
1.) first four minutes just in normal position
2.) 6-10 minutes in #2 position which is basically pedaling and getting off your seat with ur hands on the bars.
3.) 6-10 minutes switching off in position #3 and #4 which is basically pedaling and holding the bars at the very end and bending down lower.

I like spin class, but sometimes the times at which they are at are not convenient for me or especially during this break, they've been cancelled. So, I made up my own workout while listening to music I get to pick :)

I also, learned today..YOGA Is definitely not my forte.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

pastrami, cupcakes & coffee

Cheers to the new year! So far this break, I have accomplished plenty:

1. shopping & waste my days away at the mall
2. hanging out with all my old friends and new friends
3. sleeping past 12 pm
4. put all my new and old jackets to use
5. eating, wine, cafes..
6. magic game
7. Disney
8. fed swans
9. biking at the gym
10. lastly, catch up on all my bookmarked blogs that were neglected during the semester

..there's still a week left and I want to try and do as many things as possible this week and continue it during the spring semester as well.

Nothing starts the new year better than lunch with the girls and walking down Lake Eola & Thorton Park on a chilly day.
After going to Pom pom's which was ridiculously packed, we visited a few cafes and local spots, but ended back at our initial spot :)

Brings back memories of when preferred tea over espresso

Although, there were many choices, I decided on the sweetened blueberry tea

Friday, January 1, 2010

au revoir 2009

I can not believe how fast 2009 flew by & I can only imagine what this year will bring.
Come to think about it, it's been a decade. I was thinking to myself what was I doing back when it turned 2000. Anyways, I completed almost ALL of my resolutions & one I thought I wasn't going to accomplish: getting to see the Golden Gate bridge :)
As for this year's resolutions:

1.) New york city, here I come!
2.) Get an interview (hopefully) from my top choice school
3.) Graduate with straight A's
4.) Lose 10 pounds
5.) Clean up my room
6.) Furnish my room with Ikea
7.) Possibly get a new car
8.) Own a DSLR & buy polaroid film
9.) Sleep more
10.) Learn that age is only a number and that I will be young at heart forever.

Hello, 2010..I am ready for great memories, academic challenges, sad moments, breathtaking moments & these moments to mold a better me for the future.

"Be the change that you want to see around you"