Tuesday, December 29, 2009

breathe - telepopmusik

The holidays, so far has been very good to me! I thought I was going to fit in more sleep during this break, but there's so much to do! Catching up with old friends who are all back from professional schools. It's nice seeing them because they gave me advice on the next four years, telling me about their classes, new roommates, life in the big apple, the plans they have after school & possibly even planning trips for this upcoming year!

wine room was a lot of fun!

tons of delicious food :)

But of course, to top it all off, I loved all the time I had with my love on my break!

Christmas dinner

carnival: on the ferris wheel!

The best present ever!

his is black & mine is white :)

There's been so many festivities & I've enjoyed every single one of them! I love the holiday feel in the air, the lights, the cold weather and of course, a nice cup of soy caramel macchiato :) ..but I can't get any sleep yet, there's still Disney this week with my love, cleaning my room, washing my car, donating old clothes & the new year (which involves my last semester at UCF!)

It feels good knowing after this year, I have another goal to accomplish and it feels good knowing, my dreams are not too far away; just have to stay focus for four more years :)

You work hard, you play even harder.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

you know i love you like good food

christmas list :)

A new mac for school :)

Ikea bed, my old bed needs to be replaced.

lastly, possibly some more dress clothes.

and last wish, is to get into my top choice pharmacy school!! I've waiting patiently, but now I know I will be a Pharm D. for sure :) I got accepted into another very nice school and I've worked so hard and waited so long for this moment, so I've been shopping lately and made up an xmas list :P

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I haven't updated this blog THIS much since I've gotten it. I guess I'll start updating more often since I'm only essentially taking two hard classes.

I'm in the mood to clean up my room & yesterday I picked up a little rolling bookshelf/table for my room (which I assembled myself). It gives me a little more walking space (my room is tiny), but my clothes/closet area still needs A LOT of cleaning up. I'm probably going to start a bag of clothes for Goodwill sometime next week.

anyways, I want to visit SF again sometime soon..just looking at the pictures makes me miss it!

I like to wait in line for my coffee

till we meet again..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ever since I was little, I've been a pretty good writer. To some I am very talkative and crazy, but to others, I am quiet and my personality seems oblique. I always felt writing was a good way to express myself and I've always thought about one day making an autobiography (although my life is probably not as interesting as most) about the little things that have happened in my life and just maybe, someone in the future reading about it.

So..here is an excerpt from one of my favorite writings:

-Humanities essay: "What does it mean to be human?"

My intro: Throughout time, many have questioned human existence and the true meaning of being a human. Humankind has never been an easy question to answer. Each person's perspective illustrates a defiinition based on one's experiences and set of ethics. However, many seem to overlook the importance of being different and have ignored the signifigance of "black sheeps" in society. Without these black sheeps, or individualism, what would certain events in history hold? Where would history even be? Without individualism, how could one define one's self? To be human is to have a passion and to be human is want to stand out above the crowd. Without this mindset, historical figures would not have accomplished what they have.

my closing: To be or not to be is truly the question. To be an individual that stands up for what they believe in or to conform to society because of the fear of failure and acceptance, determines one's desire to impact the world and one's desre to find one's definition of themselves.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I FINALLY bought the boyfriend blazer that I wanted.. It was a bit overpriced in my opinion, but it fits soo well ... :)

welcome to my clustered closet baby!

the usual..

The summer flew by! I studied, visited San Francisco, studied again and mad a mini vacay with my family to Atlanta!
I recalled going there when I was in elementary school, but now, the downtown area has really flourished there. Orlando's downtown is nothing..compared to theirs (minus a bit of dirty areas).

The aquarium was amazing and the korean town was my favorite part :)

my favorite picture :)

the way their pastries look is way better than they taste =/ but the cafe was really cute!

Loved the cafe & the coffee here!!!

Goodbye ATL..

..and now, it's time for the last year of my undergrad. Part of me wants its to go by fast, but part of me realizes how much UCF has became a part of me!..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

stressed out

I'm taking nothing this summer really besides a lab, but going crazy studying for my Pharmacy Admissions Tests and doing the whole application shibang.

Doing a quick update because heading to bed for another day of Volunteering at the Pharmacy in the hospital. I don't know what I was thinking when i signed up for 8am shift!

Well, here's some pictures from my family's dinner at Ohana. It's located in the Disney Polynesian resort and the view in there is so nice! Not to mention, the hotel was spectacular, the exterior and interior fit the polynesian theme!

Now to the food!
It's an all you can eat kinda deal but they serve everything to your table.

Lomein, Pot stickers, Sweet wings?, sweet and sour shrimp (THE BEST!), steak.

Pineapple/Coconut bread

Banana fosters bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce (ooh..yes.)

Till next time..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jason Mraz - You And I Both

Cause you and I both loved
What you and I spoke of
And others just read of
Others only read of, of the love
Of the love that I loved

Thursday, May 14, 2009

missing the bay

So, the semester/year has come to an end! Now more and new stresses have come up. I promised myself I will start becoming healthier in my food choices and activities from now on! I know there will even worst stress/events to come, so I need to maintain my health/beauty now.

As for my trip to San Francisco, one word: amazing. In the beginning, I felt tired (especially due to the fact, I went straight on vacay after my last final, literally) and wanted to sleep. Honestly, the first night, I told myself, what a culture shock. From the bus rides, the large downtown area, diversity of people you see on the bus, the view of the homes on the hillsides..I saw so much diversity and it was just the first day. I guess I got to see a glimpse of the city life.

Now that I am at home, I am missing the bay! I don't know what other cities have in store for little old me, but I really can imagine myself living in San Francisco. I miss the late night bus rides, the crazy people talking on the buses, how the heels of my feet were in pain every night from walking, how my stomach was always full from a random food stop, how my body went from freezing to sweating every hour and of course, the views that I saw.

I'm just glad I could get a glimpse of a little bit of city life before I apply to grad school and make my decisions.

I never thought how hard making a personal statement was. I don't remember applying to UCF was as hard as this ..

Our Hotel in Japantown

my first sighting of a trolley

the beautiful view on Lombard

Golden Gate Bridge: I completed one fo my new years' resolution :)

Our infatuation: Hazelnut Ice blend from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The beautitful Samovar Tea Lounge: Chai tea & smoke salmon quiche