Sunday, September 14, 2008

lyrics and an extra

I really dislike people who listen to music and know nothing about the band/artist, but just listen to it because other people are or because they want to fit in with that type of musical crowd. Here is one of my old but one of my favorite bands:

Jack's Mannequin: former band member/singer of Something Corporate but went through cancer and created Jack's Mannequin.

-Lyrics to part of one of my favorite JM songs. "Bruised"

"I lace my Chucks, I walk the aisle
I take my pills, the babies cry
All I hear is what's playing through
The in-flight radio
Now every word of every song
I ever heard that made me wanna stay
Is what's playing through
The in-flight radio, and I
And I am, finally waking up"

Anyways, I recently found a new awesome place to put on my list of places to visit: