Tuesday, December 29, 2009

breathe - telepopmusik

The holidays, so far has been very good to me! I thought I was going to fit in more sleep during this break, but there's so much to do! Catching up with old friends who are all back from professional schools. It's nice seeing them because they gave me advice on the next four years, telling me about their classes, new roommates, life in the big apple, the plans they have after school & possibly even planning trips for this upcoming year!

wine room was a lot of fun!

tons of delicious food :)

But of course, to top it all off, I loved all the time I had with my love on my break!

Christmas dinner

carnival: on the ferris wheel!

The best present ever!

his is black & mine is white :)

There's been so many festivities & I've enjoyed every single one of them! I love the holiday feel in the air, the lights, the cold weather and of course, a nice cup of soy caramel macchiato :) ..but I can't get any sleep yet, there's still Disney this week with my love, cleaning my room, washing my car, donating old clothes & the new year (which involves my last semester at UCF!)

It feels good knowing after this year, I have another goal to accomplish and it feels good knowing, my dreams are not too far away; just have to stay focus for four more years :)

You work hard, you play even harder.