Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what a historic day it is..

I kept reminding myself to update sometime this month and what a better day than today: the day of change, hope and relief.

I didn't realize how important and dramatic an inauguration was. I mean I've seen plenty in my life time - Clinton, Bush and now Obama - but I think this time is different because I'm a lot older and I actually realize this is history happening before my eyes. When I think about our first African American president, I also think about how many possibilities there are in the future - Woman, Asian, Spanish, etc. leader. Not only that, but a brighter and broader perspective for our people. Maybe with an African American, many people can open their eyes and realize, times are changing and that we all need to unify as one with peace and respect for one another.

It was hard to imagine everyone in the world was watching and waiting at that moment in time. Everyone in the psychology building at UCF to Time Square. For once, I felt a bit emotional just due to the fact, that for once, I am a part of history and how hard work can take us many places.

"We are not unified by race nor religion, but we are unified by our freedom."

--on another note, semester is already in full effect and ..starting rocky. It's my my last important semester, so I have to get back in shape!