Thursday, May 14, 2009

missing the bay

So, the semester/year has come to an end! Now more and new stresses have come up. I promised myself I will start becoming healthier in my food choices and activities from now on! I know there will even worst stress/events to come, so I need to maintain my health/beauty now.

As for my trip to San Francisco, one word: amazing. In the beginning, I felt tired (especially due to the fact, I went straight on vacay after my last final, literally) and wanted to sleep. Honestly, the first night, I told myself, what a culture shock. From the bus rides, the large downtown area, diversity of people you see on the bus, the view of the homes on the hillsides..I saw so much diversity and it was just the first day. I guess I got to see a glimpse of the city life.

Now that I am at home, I am missing the bay! I don't know what other cities have in store for little old me, but I really can imagine myself living in San Francisco. I miss the late night bus rides, the crazy people talking on the buses, how the heels of my feet were in pain every night from walking, how my stomach was always full from a random food stop, how my body went from freezing to sweating every hour and of course, the views that I saw.

I'm just glad I could get a glimpse of a little bit of city life before I apply to grad school and make my decisions.

I never thought how hard making a personal statement was. I don't remember applying to UCF was as hard as this ..

Our Hotel in Japantown

my first sighting of a trolley

the beautiful view on Lombard

Golden Gate Bridge: I completed one fo my new years' resolution :)

Our infatuation: Hazelnut Ice blend from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The beautitful Samovar Tea Lounge: Chai tea & smoke salmon quiche