Friday, January 1, 2010

au revoir 2009

I can not believe how fast 2009 flew by & I can only imagine what this year will bring.
Come to think about it, it's been a decade. I was thinking to myself what was I doing back when it turned 2000. Anyways, I completed almost ALL of my resolutions & one I thought I wasn't going to accomplish: getting to see the Golden Gate bridge :)
As for this year's resolutions:

1.) New york city, here I come!
2.) Get an interview (hopefully) from my top choice school
3.) Graduate with straight A's
4.) Lose 10 pounds
5.) Clean up my room
6.) Furnish my room with Ikea
7.) Possibly get a new car
8.) Own a DSLR & buy polaroid film
9.) Sleep more
10.) Learn that age is only a number and that I will be young at heart forever.

Hello, 2010..I am ready for great memories, academic challenges, sad moments, breathtaking moments & these moments to mold a better me for the future.

"Be the change that you want to see around you"

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