Tuesday, June 8, 2010


After graduating and getting into a school, people come up to me and say "oh that's great, you have three months of doing nothing."

actually, there's too much to do in three months and honestly, three months is not even enough time to relax. After my eye opening trip to NYC (which will be in a later post I'm sure), I thought I could worry about those things later, but life comes at ya and all you can really do is think of the positive side.

and the positive side for me is, I can finally clean my room and have a fresh start.

As I was rummaging through my old papers, notes, homework, textbooks, lab reports, manuals and random works I came across some more of my old writings from Humanities I and II. One that really shined was my old writings about Andy Warhol's artworks.

"All new kinds of art arose from the classical masters and new art fought traditional themes which included impressionism, pointillism and realism and during the beginning of the twentieth century came modern art. Contemporary art had all kinds of variations, there was no real influence and one kind of style. Who knew using brand names, everyday home objects could ever become a phenomenon for art? Andy Warhol utilized his commercial art experience and merged it with his artistic abilities to create this new wave into the twentieth century. He painted banal subjects such as, Coca Cola bottles, Campbells soup cans, and celebrity icons during his time, dollar bills and coins. He wanted to connect celebrities with bums and the rich with the poor.."

"...one quote that really makes me love Andy Warhol's work was, "Coke is Coke and no matter how rich you are, you can't get a better one than the homeless woman on the corner is drinking." He was a character that audiences who view his art, film, and books were to create for themselves. I feel that contemporary art will last forever because there will be continuous interpretations, it'll never be right or wrong. His passion for pop culture shown through his artwork, to his style to redefine contemporary art and through the many other art fields that Warhol contributed to. Andy Warhol accomplished what he aimed for and that is, whenever you see his paintings of the Campbell soup can, the banana, Marilyn Monroe; you'll know exactly who made it."

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