Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Growing up, I went through all types of stages, you name it, I wanted to become it at some point in my life. At home, my parents told me to become someone different from them and become someone who doesn't have to worry about the things that they do.
But at school, my teachers told me the opposite, to be whatever makes me happy, and to reach for my dreams.
An architect, an animator, a singer, a doctor,a pharmacist, were the dream careers I had when I was younger because those were the things that were a part of my hobbies and interests.
As college began, I wanted to start focusing on my life, my future and most importantly, the person I wanted to become.
The first two years were rough, I didn't know how to study, I didn't know if I could pass the pre-reqs for Pharmacy and I didn't know how to handle my workload. I began to doubt myself and question myself over and over..but what I failed to stop thinking about, was my future.

I feel once u have this focus, this aspiration and motivation to become something - you don't care about the hard work that it entails, the things in life u might miss and forgetting all the trivial things. I think many people have this vision of "I want this future", but never GET up and become it. & that was exactly what I was doing. cliche as it may sound, NOTHING ever COMES EASY. Once you get caught up in the workload, caught up in emotions, certain "lifestyles" of the rich or the famous and caught up in doubting yourself: we always forget one thing: the focus on your future. The last two years, I've learned how to incorporate school into my life, patience, time management and most importantly, never losing what I want the most and the ONE thing I have the most control over: my future.

To me, it's not just about a career, or having that car I've always dreamt of. To me, it's about accomplishment, all that hard work you done, owning things that I worked hard for, success and showing those who never believed in you (including yourself)..how strong willed you are.

These 5 years of undergrad taught me a lot about the student I am, but also had molded me into the person I am today. Of course, the next four years will be the next chapter full of challenges in my life; I know inevitably, I will continue to become a better person. One that can hopefully change at least one person's life and when I have children, I can tell them, to reach for their dreams and tell them what my mom always told me, "It's not about how smart or talented you are, it's about how dedicated you are to your dreams"

UCF: Microbiology & Molecular Biology (yes, it is possible to finish this major) C/o 2010
University of Florida College of Pharmacy c/o 2014

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Kristina said...

whoo. hoo! you are awesome uyen. congrats again girl, you deserve everything you've worked for. but, you'll always be a ucf knight to me. :) <3 you!