Saturday, November 8, 2008

gingerbread cookies

The weather lately has been very nice, the semester is about to end, the holidays are coming..and hopefully this cold weather continues =[ I really like cold weather, but I hate how I always look like crap when its cold, lol. For one, my bed gets so comfy and warm - I don't want to get up at all and when I do get up, I want to just want to go to school in what I slept in! Plus, my skin is very sensitive to very cold weather and very hot weather =/

I haven't been doing much this semester except study, hanging out with orange juice and a few things here and there. I haven't tried any new restaurants in a while, but a few weeks ago, we had a girls night out at Fifi's by Lake Eola. The condos beside those restaurants/lounges were amazing! Fifi's was empty when we got there, but it was nice, I rather not be in a busy and noisy restaurant. Food was alright, they didn't have a lot of selections on their menu but the atmosphere was nice.. seriously, if I could be the woman version of Anthony Bourdain, I would so do it! They need an asian girl on Food channel, right? =P

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