Friday, October 10, 2008

finally a friday off!

So, this is my first time having a Friday off for the past two months or more? Time to celebrate with the girlssss, GNO part 2, mofos.

There are a few things to mention in this post:

1.) I feel a lot of people think I've disappeared, but that's not true! I've been working on the days that things go on and the most recent party I went to, I realized how I am getting too old for them. I kills me to say this because I use to enjoy parties and clubs a lot but honestly, there's a time to grow up and just settle with little get togethers with your friends.


I Love LA Toki doki watch.

3.) I went to the mall this week since monaay came in, one of my favorite things that I got was :

In grey, I love it =]

4.) Tammy just showed me something on American Apparel and I started looking again at that site (I had ordered things before but when they came in the mail, it did not look liek what I thought):

tis all for now..
"me me, its all about me, if a girl got a boy then she talk about me. He say, she say, it's all about me"

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