Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ever since I was little, I've been a pretty good writer. To some I am very talkative and crazy, but to others, I am quiet and my personality seems oblique. I always felt writing was a good way to express myself and I've always thought about one day making an autobiography (although my life is probably not as interesting as most) about the little things that have happened in my life and just maybe, someone in the future reading about it.

So..here is an excerpt from one of my favorite writings:

-Humanities essay: "What does it mean to be human?"

My intro: Throughout time, many have questioned human existence and the true meaning of being a human. Humankind has never been an easy question to answer. Each person's perspective illustrates a defiinition based on one's experiences and set of ethics. However, many seem to overlook the importance of being different and have ignored the signifigance of "black sheeps" in society. Without these black sheeps, or individualism, what would certain events in history hold? Where would history even be? Without individualism, how could one define one's self? To be human is to have a passion and to be human is want to stand out above the crowd. Without this mindset, historical figures would not have accomplished what they have.

my closing: To be or not to be is truly the question. To be an individual that stands up for what they believe in or to conform to society because of the fear of failure and acceptance, determines one's desire to impact the world and one's desre to find one's definition of themselves.

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Kristina said...

love it. real insight into what makes the human race so intelligent and creative.

i miss humanities!